July Greetings and Updates!

Greetings from the desk/studio/coffee bar of D?Flo Productions,

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July! I spent it with my fam, eating lots of guacamole and setting off?I mean, watching fireworks. Life back on the proverbial ?ranch? has been amazing; June proved to be the most eclectic month so far this year!

To begin, my wife Claire just left her job at Chicago Public Schools.? I am elated to announce that she will be working with me full time! ?We?re expecting epic, comic-book-worthy adventures to come of this union, and can?t wait to share them with you.

Apart from doubling our workforce, June has been pretty crazy for D?Flo Productions!? I recently finished up an extensive commercial shoot in Mexico. ?My co-star Anne Acker and I were on set for a week, shooting over 25 commercials for travel company, whose identity I am not yet at liberty to unveil (top secret spy business?you understand).

The?company also asked me to write, produce, and record the music that will underscore the commercials! ?I had a crazy 6-day writing and recording process where I composed 3 songs, recorded them, and mixed them for client approval.? I had to pull 2 all-nighters over these 6 days to meet the deadline; it was an adventure to say the least, but I am happy to say that the final song has turned out beautifully.? We?ll be posting links to the videos and the final track when they are released later this summer, but until then you can check out the other two mixes I submitted here.

Be on the lookout for a new youtube vlog this Friday! We?ll be posting on here quite a bit, and I?m excited to share some new ideas and songs with you here.

Have a wonderful July my friends, and thanks for all of your support,

-Dennis Florine + Mgmt
D?Flo Productions