“Seeing Dennis play really makes you understand how a real musician works. Everything from his lyrics to his performance were incredible.”
Coe College

Dennis Florine Music

“We loved the poetic nature and rich melodies of Dennis Florine. We’re sure his songs have touched the hearts of quite a few young ladies…”
Out of Step Entertainment

“Dennis is a cool rock performer with a real crunch to the music scene he is like the new James Blunt on the rise.”
Jeffrey Rubin – Banana Peel Artists

“Dennis’ work is authentic and engaging, and his performance is energetic and raucous. The students at Fremd High School loved him.”
Tony Romano – Co-Founder of Writers Week at William Fremd High School

“Dennis performs with passion and charm. His love for the music and its power to transform people’s lives is evident in every note.”
Deb Alley – Artist Director of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival

“Stomping his feet while wagging his shaggy, blond hair street musician Dennis Florine pounded on his acoustic guitar, singing loudly but sweetly for an audience in downtown Iowa City on a warm, Sunday afternoon.”
Katie Stinson – Musician plays on despite Iowa City panhandling ordinance

Dennis Florine Acting

“Even Moth (Dennis Florine), the page boy, garnered many laughs…”
Joann Bautista – Play Review: Riverside Theatre’s Love’s Labour’s Lost

“The rest of the company was also enjoyable to watch, proving that there really is no such thing as a small part. The Capulet page boy, Peter (Dennis Florine), with his crazy antics and humorous behavior, provided the audience with many laughs.”
Joann Bautista – Play Review: Riverside Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet