Seattle is the loneliest city?

But I love it here, and this is where I need to be.? This dichotomy seems so common in life, for one to experience two opposing emotions simultaneously.? I feel sorrow and absolute joy while I am here, which to me speaks volumes.? It is often during times of emotional juxtaposition that I feel closest to God.

I am here and I know I must be, but so much of my body longs to be home.? Today is my niece?s birthday.? She turns 5 this St. Patrick?s Day. ?I have not had a chance to celebrate with her in years because of this job.? I miss her, my wife, and my family so much, and yet I am grateful for this longing.? It reminds me of the wonderful family I have back home that is eager for my return.

The work here is wonderful.? My learning curve looks like Queen Anne Boulevard at the moment; every day I am learning so much about music and myself.? I am growing more comfortable with my skill sets and my weaknesses, and I am improving.? I can ask for nothing more than this.

The music is sounding amazing!? We (and by we I mean myself and my engineer Nate Yaccino) are coming out with some incredible sounds!? So much of this process, like so much of my life, feels like an Improv show that I am making up as I go along hoping it will all come together in the end.? Unlike my last album, I am writing 72% of the music this month.? The process is unique, and although I am constantly in a state of stress, I feel that the album is already more cohesive than the last.? ?Unlike the last CD, which I wrote over the course of 3 years, this project is a snapshot of my life over the last year.? I am writing from a single place, a unique emotional state, and I am excited with how it all is tying together.

I plan on writing more often, little snippets like this.? I pray these thoughts may be of some benefit to you, perhaps illuminating common threads in your life.? I?d love to hear about it if they do.


Getting ready to track yo!

Getting ready to track yo!